#cyclONEnation Snapchat campaign

When you think about Iowa State Cyclone Athletics and their online presence you think about the hashtag #cyclONEnation. Since the beginning, this tagline represented the loyal ISU fan base, which in theory stretched well beyond the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. Using Snapchat as a marketing tool to reach a younger demographic, it was now possible to actually... Continue Reading →

Iowa State Athletics social media analytics

Below you can find analytics for each social media platform Iowa State Athletics had a presence on as of Jan. 2015. I personally, played a role of creating and implementing different ideas for Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest, which were rooted in research I conducted about the platform and college sport fan persona. I also assisted... Continue Reading →

Winter 2014 FourWord newsletter

The second edition of the redesigned Iowa 4-H Foundation FourWord Newsletter was sent to mailboxes right before the holiday season to increase year-end unrestricted donations. In this edition, I wrote two smaller pieces, so I could assist in reorganizing, condensing, and editing the entire piece and provide assistance with the main article, “Parenting for Iowa’s 4-H... Continue Reading →

Finals week told by FRIENDS

GIFs can be your best friends (pun intended). When you are looking for a multimedia component that's easy to add to any website but actually adds value to the piece, these moving images are the way to go. I decided to take it up a notch and make a story out of GIFs. The story?... Continue Reading →

Summer 2014 4-H FourWord newsletter

In this PDF, you will see the first newly redesigned summer edition newsletter for the Iowa 4-H Foundation. Inside of the FourWord Newsletter, you will find I wrote the center-fold piece, Crops to Crash: Giving the Gift of Grain (page 12), and took on the larger role of being editor-in-chief. The goal of this newsletter... Continue Reading →

2014 Iowa 4-H scholarship program

Below you can find the cover and inside pages of the program created by me for the 2015 Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarship Event. The cover pages were created in InDesign, while the inside pages were created on Word for easier collaboration in the office. I created the cover pages, edited the entire program, and choose... Continue Reading →

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