Snap(Venture) – The 21st century pamphlet

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Class Group Name and Logo

Today’s teenagers have an attention span of eight seconds.

Today’s teenagers apply to more colleges than ever before.

So how does a college capture these young eyes among all the emails and letters from other colleges across the country? Simple. Give the college pamphlet a reboot.

Colleges need to recreate the pamphlet that fits the 21st Century, app-centric world.  Enter, Snap(Venture).

Using selfies and photos, and with copy less than 40 characters long, Snap(venture) not only showcases the same information you find on a pamphlet but is customizable for each perspective student. Every student sees a story they can relate to and begins to see what is possible on campus. Plus it’s mailable, just like the pamphlet, so colleges can still use the SAT information to contact the future student!

Watch to learn more:

Click here to read more about the assignment!

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