Greenlee School brochure

In PR 321, Public Relations Writing with Prof. Erin Wilgenbusch, we were told to create a communication piece that would assist students like ourselves with course 499, the Greenlee School Internship Course, in 48 hours.

This internship course is a required class for all PR, ADVRT, and JLMC students at Iowa State University. The brochure, which received accolades as “useable now” and “the building blocks for a real version,” showcases a simple but visual format of the confusing requirements for the course. While boxy in design, the requirements for the assignment were more focused on the words used to described the process and how they were presented. The layout, design and words were all required to be original works by the student.

Download the PDF here.

(The best way to view the document is in Adobe Reader, that way one can see the two page layout. Go under View<Page Display<Two Page View. Then repeat View<Page Display, but then select Show Cover in Two Page View. This way the inner pages match up.)

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