Final project for PR 321

In PR 321, Public Relations Writing, we were given the following instructions:

There are four components to your final project for University Museums:

  1. news release to announce the 40th anniversary year (for release in January);
  2. Tagline to be used on 40th anniversary materials;
  3. 5 suggested blog topics for a University Museums blog;
  4. A social media plan that outlines strategies University Museums can use.

Each of these elements should be based on the survey research we conducted for this class.

Here, in this PDF, you can find the find all four parts of the assignment. Comments made by Prof. Erin Wilgenbusch were as follows:

  • “Good, newsworthy release. Element of news is clear in the summary lead. Sentence structure, word choice, grammar, spelling and/or AP Style is good. Contains all of the elements of a news release.”
  • “Excellent use of research.”
  • “I like that you explained what they shouldn’t do, and why, as well as outlining what they should do.”

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