2013 4-H Foundation FourWord newsletter

Above you can find a PDF version of the 2013 Winter FourWord Newsletter published by the Iowa 4-H Foundation. Together as a non-profit team we decided to re-create our newsletter like never before. I not only wrote some articles, but also brainstormed everything with supervisor Brooke Young (from photos to layout to stories) and edited the work. The main focus of the article was to answer questions regarding the 4-H Center and to completely change the impressions of the public that the center was closed.

In the newsletter I wrote the following pieces

  •  Iowa 4-H Center: A Timeless Tradition, A Living Legacy (pg. 3)
  • Putnam Honored (pg. 9)
  • Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame (pg. 10)
  • A Summer on the Course with the Iowa Soybean Association (pg.14)

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