Mountain East Medical Center names new head of purchasing

Mountain East Medical Center is a fictional place. The following press release was created for Jeff Ames’ class. We were then given two statements from two different people and a fact sheet to to work from. The assignment presented the following issue:

You are the public relations director. There is friction between the hospital’s board of trustees and the head of the purchasing department, Bob Wilkinson. Wilkinson’s tight-fisted purchasing practices have been criticized by some of the medical staff in spite of the fact that the board of trustees ordered him to cut costs by 15 percent.

Carter D. Collins


111 Hospital Road

Dubuque, IA 00000



DUBUQUE, IA (10/29/2012)- Mountain East Medical Center Board of Trustees has happily named Johnny Toler as the new head of the purchasing department. Toler was the assistant head of the purchasing department under outgoing head Bob Wilkinson.

Wilkinson came to Mountain East Medical Center in 1975. The Board of Trustee’s wish him the best of luck with his new job as a purchasing agent with City Memorial Hospital. They are also excited to have one of our own Mountain East Center personnel to immediately start working and expand from Wilkinson’s hard work.

“Bob’s abilities will be greatly missed at this hospital, but I know Johnny Toler is a person we all can all depend on to do whatever is necessary to keep this department going,” Mountain East Medical Center’s administrator Harry Illscott said.

Toler has been an exceptional employee at the hospital for the last 13 years. He began his career here as the assistant druggist in the hospital’s pharmacy until it was closed in 1978. Toler’s dedication to the success of MEMC was noticed, and he was then moved to the purchasing department. Toler’s wife, Carolyn, is head of the gynecology department at Mountain East Medical Center. Together they have two beautiful children.

“This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best,” Toler said.

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